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Our commitments

Our goals and fields of activity

Swisscom wants to be one of Switzerland’s most sustainable companies. Our commitment to the environment and society is part of our corporate strategy. We set ourselves binding objectives and publish information about what we have achieved and what else we would like to do.

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Hello Future

We all hope for a future worth living. The video shows what the Weber family are doing to achieve it, and how we can help them. For instance, with energy-saving services, commitment to media expertise, supporting people in need and training. Join us in saying: “Hello Future.”

Total length 3:08 minutes

Sustainable living and working

For a more ecological footprint

We help our customers to conserve resources. Green ICT enables companies to greatly reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions: video conferencing and home-office solutions save on travel time and costs. Buildings and networks can be managed in an energy-efficient manner. We also offer residential customers many ways to reduce their ecological footprint: from online billing to mobile phone recycling. Along with myclimate, we use a special label to draw attention to particularly climate-friendly offerings.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 (PDF, 870 KB)


Data deserves the best protection

Information is one of the most valuable products of our time. We aim to store and transmit information as securely and reliably as possible. We have more than 150 qualified employees working on data security, data protection and the secure operation of our network on a daily basis. Many customers in sensitive sectors such as finance, health and security rely on our services. We are the only Swiss telecommunications provider with ISO 27001 security certification.

More about security

Communication for all

Companion in the digital world

We provide all people in Switzerland with access to digital media and help them to use it responsibly. To date, we have provided around 7000 schools with free Internet access. Over 180,000 first-time users have been introduced to the digital world through our training courses. We are also committed to youth media protection and barrier-free access to our services for people with disabilities.

Eine Schülerin und ein Schüler beim Lernen.

Sustainable use of resources

Ambitious ecological targets

By 2015, we intend to increase energy efficiency by 20% in comparison to 2010 and reduce CO2 emissions by 10%. We are committed to using virtual servers, fresh-air cooling instead of energy-intensive cooling systems, Minergie-certified buildings, efficient vehicles and energy-saving products and services. We are convinced that these measures will enable us to achieve our ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions – which we have already halved since 1990 – and our electricity usage. We also obtain all our electricity from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, we purchase more “naturemade star” electricity generated from wind and solar energy than any other company in Switzerland.

Electrosmog and health

Research to date and tips

Mobile phones, cordless phones and WLAN routers use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit information wirelessly. To date no detrimental impact of this radiation has been scientifically proven. However long-term risks cannot be excluded and are the subject of ongoing scientific research.

More about electrosmog