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Strategy and Goals


CR: Strategy, Goals and Results

Swisscom aims to be one of Switzerland's most sustainable companies. Our environmental and social commitments are therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy. We have defined binding goals for 2020 in six corporate responsibility focus themes. Find out here what we have achieved and what we still aim to accomplish.

CR strategy: Goals for 2020

Welcome to the country of possibilities

We envisage a Switzerland where future generations will be able to enjoy the same chances and opportunities as we do today. And many more besides. Our CR strategy for the future is based on six focus themes. We have defined binding goals in each area that we aim to achieve by 2020. The diagram shows the six pillars of our strategy, and you can find out more about our goals in the PDF.

CR Report

What we have already accomplished

In our Annual Corporate Responsibility Report we provide detailed information about our strategy, the goals we have set, our activities and results in the year under review. In 2013 our CR strategy was still based on the four pillars of sustainable living and working, the sustainable use of resources, communication for everyone and employer responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Eine Schülerin und ein Schüler beim Lernen.

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Hello Future

We all hope for a future worth living. The video shows what the Weber family are doing to achieve it, and how we can help them. For instance, with energy-saving services, commitment to media expertise, supporting people in need and training. Join us in saying: “Hello Future.”

Total length 3:11 minutes

CR Ratings & Policies

Guidelines, Reports and Ratings

Our corporate responsibility commitment is based on clearly defined guidelines. Our sustainability reporting complies with the highest transparency level of the Global Reporting Initiative, the leading global standard. We also commission the reputable independent audit specialist SGS to inspect and certify our company, so that we already achieve top scores in various sustainability rankings.

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Eine Schülerin und ein Schüler beim Lernen.

Eine Schülerin und ein Schüler beim Lernen.

Fair supply chain

Fair and efficient partnership

More than 4,500 partners supply us with goods and services worth over CHF 4.5 billion annually. We attach importance to fair and efficient partnerships with suppliers, who share our social and ecological goals and values. We work together to protect the environment and improve working conditions.

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Electrosmog and health

Research to date and tips

Mobile phones, cordless phones and WLAN routers use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit information wirelessly. To date no detrimental impact of this radiation has been scientifically proven. However long-term risks cannot be excluded and are the subject of ongoing scientific research.

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Overview of all our corporate responsibility partners.

More about our partners


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