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    Available on – the Magic

    Lantern’s Internet portal for young people – the

    Internet serial "The Cat who wanted to make a

    movie" gives young Internet users a fun and

    educational introduction to the steps involved in

    making a movie, from the initial idea to the

    eventual cinema release. Available in five languages

    (English,French, German, Italian and Spanish),

    the interactive cartoon serial tells the story of a small cat who wants to make a feature-length film.


    "The Cat who wanted to make a movie" seeks not only to teach young and old children alike in a fun way how to make a film, but also to encourage them to take their learning into their own hands by using a (computer) mouse to explore various interactive interfaces.


    Available free to all in five languages, "The Cat who wanted to make a movie" is also a valuable language learning tool, bringing families and friends keen to learn languages together around the same computer screen.


     "The Cat who wanted to make a movie" (click on the cat!) More
    The Magic Lantern