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Swisscom Together

Connected together
Flat-rate calls
Unlimited phone calls to friends and family
for a flat rate.
Between two and five
mobile phones
Combine your fixed network connection with
between two and five mobile phones.
CHF19.– / month

Flat rate for 1 fixed-network phone and 2 mobiles. Each additional mobile phone costs 9.-/month. Applies to calls within Switzerland.

The fixed network and NATEL® subscription charges remain the same. Rates apply for calls within Switzerland. Calls to numbers outside the group are charged at the regular tariff.

For family, friends or flatmates – make flat-rate calls

With Swisscom Together you can chat from a fixed network telephone to friends and family on between two and five mobile phones for as long and as often as you like without call charges.

Form a group with your fixed network telephone and between two and five mobile phones.

Within the group you can call the registered members for as long and as often as you like,
with no call charges. From fixed network telephones to mobile phones and vice versa – plus mobile phone to mobile phone.

Add a new member to an existing group

Have you already formed a group and want to add new members? Register more mobile phones here – each additional mobile phone costs CHF 9.- per month.


Register additional mobile phones

All prices in CHF inclusive of VAT