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The login for your e-mail account

The login for your e-mail account

Your e-mail account login is one of several passwords which you need to set up with Swisscom. For security reasons, it must be different from your Swisscom Login.

If you would like to change the login for your e-mail account or have forgotten it, you will first of all need to log into the Swisscom customer centre (with the Swisscom Login, the other password). There you can make the changes or view your e-mail account details.


If you would like to work with Webmail in your Internet browser, you need to log into Webmail with your Swisscom Login, not with your e-mail account login details. Then you can use your e-mail account ( or on any computer with an Internet connection.
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Password Security

Passwords can so quickly be deciphered by criminals using sophisticated techniques, so be sure to use secure passwords to protect your online data. 

  1. Your password should contain at least 12 characters. The more letters and numbers a passwords contains, the more secure it is.
  2. The use of capitals, lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols secures your password by making it harder for criminals to decipher
  3. To generate an effective password, you are advised to make a simple sentence, and then connect the first letters of each word to produce a secure password. For example: "I have loved Siberian tigers since I was 10 years old!" Your password: IhlStsIw10yo!

Customer Center

Manage your personal data, subscriptions and bills on your own.


My Swisscom Assistant

The worry-free service for your computer


Mobile Set up

Set up MMS, e-mail, Internet, Swisscom TV air and WLAN on your mobile phone.


Quick Check

Check up on your own Swisscom services such as TV, Internet, telephone, and email!


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