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Using the Do not disturb function, Service 26 //

Using the “Do not disturb” function (Service 26)

If you do not want to be disturbed, you can activate the additional “Do not disturb” service. The caller will hear the message “The user does not wish to be disturbed at the moment”.

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • Press the * key.
  • Enter the number 26.
  • Press the # key.
  • Wait for the activation confirmation.
  • Put down the receiver.

Deactivating “Do not disturb”

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • Press the # key.
  • Enter the number 26.
  • Press the # key.
  • Wait for the deactivation confirmation.
  • Put down the receiver.


The additional “Do not disturb” service will remain active for 12 hours, then it will be deactivated automatically. During this time it can be, but does not have to be, switched off.

If you would prefer to be undisturbed for a certain time, you can activate the "Do not disturb" service for this period. When the service is activated, the caller hears the engaged tone. 


  • enter * 26 # on your phone
  • press the call key
  • wait for confirmation
  • end the call 

The service is now activated


  • enter #26# on your telephone
  • press the call button
  • wait for the confirmation
  • you can now hang up

The service is not disabled


Remember to disable the service so that you can be reached again. 

Are you using MultiLINE?

MultiLINE users must activate and disable "Do not disturb" for each separate telephone.  

Conditions / limitations

"Do not disturb" only works with multi-line ISDN if your ISDN phone supports the service. Further information can be found in the ISDN telephone instructions.


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