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Welcome to the fastest network.

Switzerland has never been faster. Surf now in Switzerland’s first 4G/LTE network.

This is what the 4th generation of mobile communications has to offer:


Thanks to the faster download speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s you can use all data-intensive services such as video or music streaming in the best quality even on the move.


With 4G/LTE significantly more customers can use the mobile Internet simultaneously without compromising
on speed.

Response time

The improved response time while surfing enables customers to use new mobile services such as real-time online gaming or video conferencing.

Why is the 4G network necessary?

With the new terminal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and the new applications, the demands on the mobile broadband network are rising. Increased demand can be met with higher bandwidths. As a result, Swisscom is expanding the mobile network and rolling out the new LTE technology.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the fourth generation (4G) of mobile phone technology, enabling mobile data and voice communication with transmission speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s.

4G network: Now 1400 municipality connected

In November 2012, Swisscom launched the new generation of mobile communications, 4G/LTE, in 26 towns and municipalities. In just twelve months, Swisscom has now added about 1400 locations (over 140 cities) and now covers 85 per cent of the population in urban and rural areas.

The network is being expanded on an ongoing basis.

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Experience the difference.

The faster response time of 4G/LTE brings you an even better online experience. Irrespective of your subscription type. Our test videos show you the difference taking the example of using the news and gaming features.

NATEL® infinity subscriptions for the 4G/LTE network

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The generations of mobile communications in comparison.

The Swisscom mobile phone network is getting more and more efficient. Through targeted innovations and sustained investments we are continually consolidating our lead in the mobile broadband network segment. To give you the best possible experience with every available technology.


Requirements for 4G

To be able to use Swisscom’s 4G (LTE) network all you need is a 4G (LTE) enabled device and a current surf subscription or Prepaid offer from Swisscom.

To the surf subscriptions


Requirements for 4G

Currently 4G/LTE roaming is available in the following countries.

PDF, 85 kB


4G for business customers

4G (LTE) is also available for Swisscom business customers.

For Corporate Business

* Price applies to new NATEL® infinity XL subscription (CHF 169.-/month) for mobile phones or NATEL® data L subscription (CHF 49.-/month) for modems and hotspots with a minimum contract period of 24 months.
Excludes SIM card CHF 40.-.