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Dynamic Computing

Dynamic Computing

Dynamic Data Center / Dynamic Server

Guaranteed processing power from the cloud

Instead of developing your IT infrastructures pre-emptively, you obtain the resources when you need them. The Dynamic Data Center and Dynamic Server allow you to obtain processing services when you need them. And you only pay for what you actually use.

  • Dynamic Data Center allows you to quickly and simply build up your own virtual data centre – including configuration and connection to the servers.
  • Servers based on Windows and Linux offer you professional performance by means of guaranteed RAM resources in different performance classes.
  • You always have access to as much processing power as you need. The hardware can be expanded or reduced exactly in line with your requirements.
  • The management of the ICT environment is simpler because tasks and processes are outsourced to the provider.
  • You save having to make your own investments in the server infrastructure and reduce expensive reserve storage capacities.
  • The services are adjusted to your actual requirements on an ongoing basis and you only pay for what you actually use.
  • You have unrestricted administrative access to all virtual resources and installed applications at all times.

Dynamic Plattform

IT resources tailored to your needs

The need for IT resources fluctuates and the capacity requirement is difficult to estimate. This is not a problem for Dynamic Platform: the cloud solution from Swisscom IT Services always makes available exactly that IT infrastructure that you require.

  • Dynamic Platform not only offers you modern cloud infrastructure, but also everything required for successful operation in the cloud.
  • The highly standardised nature of our cloud solutions guarantees attractive prices as well as a high level of quality, security and performance.
  • The high security level used in the financial sector is also applied to the cloud services. Redundant data storage at different locations ensures even greater security.
  • Pre-configured servers with various performance models ensure the highest level of flexibility and agility – additional performance is available within a matter of hours.
  • Precisely tailored dimensioning and freely scalable capacities optimise your operating costs and investments
  • Pre-defined service level agreements ensure the quality required to operate business-critical

Dynamic Storage

Storage space with integrated security

Dynamic Storage is the ideal addition to your existing storage portfolio. The service provides you with storage space as required, guarantees maximum security and relieves your IT budget.

  • Dynamic Storage is specially designed for Big Data, for large and unstructured data volumes, for which you require rapid and variable storage space.
  • You always have access to as much memory as you need. The service can be adjusted in line with actual requirements in a quick and simple manner.
  • Your data are distributed geo-redundantly across four locations which guarantee you uninterrupted operations.
  • Your data are saved securely in the Swisscom cloud. Both operations and data storage remains in Switzerland.
  • You save having to make your own investments in the server infrastructure and reduce expensive reserve storage capacities..
  • The services are adjusted to your actual requirements on an ongoing basis and you only pay for what you actually use.


Personal memory in the cloud

Storebox is the service for the secure exchange of data and files across departmental and company borders. Data stored in Storebox can be accessed at all times by authorised persons from any device and remain in Switzerland without exception.

  • Storebox provides you with a secure storage infrastructure. Users can use it via a web portal for secure file sharing within and outside the company or as a PC backup.
  • Data and documents are available any time and anywhere from all common terminal devices (PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones), regardless of platform.
  • You can invite external parties in a simple manner, making collaboration across companies easy.
  • Offline synchronisation means data synchronisation is guaranteed regardless of whether users are connected to the network at the time.
  • Storebox is designed as a do-it-yourself service: It gives users all the tools they need to allocate their own authorisations.
  • Geo-redundant data storage in national data centres of Swisscom companies ensures maximum security and availability.

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