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Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

20,000 employees connected to the communications of the future

Swisscom connected all 20,000 employees to its new Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) platform within 18 months. Planning and implementing this major project has been a valuable experience for the company. Swisscom customers benefit directly from the expertise gained.

At Swisscom, many projects are supervised by teams that work together across sites and divisions. The employees also work at around 100 company offices, countless home workstations and on the move. Previously, this meant that a considerable amount of time and money was spent travelling. Today, thanks to UCC, the company saves around 1.7 journeys each month per employee and 8 working hours.

Instant messaging, presence management, desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing and additional UCC functions make working together at Swisscom significantly easier. This is made possible not only by technical achievements – Swisscom has made the transition to UCC easier for employees through comprehensive information and training measures. This is a key success factor, the components of which Swisscom is happy to pass on to other companies.

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG


Urs Schaeppi, Head of Corporate Business at Swisscom.

«We have come a long way with UCC, and many other companies are now just starting out. We are passing on our acquired expertise to our customers»

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