All categories of the content filter

Harmful to minors

Websites intended for an adult audience (over 18s), containing images, videos or information with sexually explicit content, such as nakedness and sexual acts.


Websites featuring images, videos, games or other content likely to shock or scare. Also includes other types of content, such as that relating to cults or the occult for example, which could disturb young children.


Websites featuring information on the purchase, sale or manufacture of illicit drugs or other narcotics.


Websites that allow users to bet online using real money or credit, such as Internet gambling or lottery sites.

Alcohol and tobacco

Websites that feature or advertise alcoholic beverages or the consumption of tobacco products, such as bars or nightclubs.


Websites that give users access to unauthorised content.

Illegal downloads

Websites that make unauthorised content available for download; for example, for file sharing or in connection with software piracy.


Websites containing violent images or violent videos.


Websites that could incite violence against groups of people or individuals; for example, on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.


Websites containing information about weapons or the sale of materials that can be used as weapons, such as knives, bombs, firearms or toy guns.

Dating and relationships

Websites designed to help people find love or sexual partners.

Shopping and auctions

Online auction or shopping sites on which users can purchase or bid for products and services.

Media and streaming

Websites and services that allow users to stream different types of videos, often with no age restrictions.

Social networks

Websites that allow users to connect with one another, such as social networks.

Anonymisation services

Websites that allow anonymous and untraceable communication on the Internet.


Websites that are new or unknown to our web filters. The content of these sites cannot be verified.