Tips for getting by on 5 GB

Keep track of your data use

Use an app to monitor your data use. You will then see how much data you use for different activities and be able to adjust your usage accordingly.


Connect to a WLAN whenever available, especially your home network. This will avoid wasting data for downloading content that you could download over the WLAN.

Avoid streaming in HD

Streaming HD videos uses up a lot of data. If you are not connected to a WLAN, then you should avoid this. Instead, choose a lower resolution or download videos when connected to the WLAN.

Deactivate automatic app updates

Automatic app updates can cause high data use. Deactivate automatic app updates and update your apps manually, when connected to the WLAN.

Use data compression

Some browsers and apps offer data compression options that allow you to save data. The Data Saver function in Chrome, for example, allows you to compress data to reduce data use.

Use offline mode

Some apps, such as music or navigation apps, offer an offline mode. This can help to save data while on the move.

Avoid downloading big files.

Don’t download any big files, such as films or TV series. Instead, choose small files or download when connected to the WLAN.

Check your e-mail settings

Check your e-mail settings and reduce the number of automatically synchronised e-mails. This will help to reduce ongoing data use.

Close apps when not in use

Close any apps that you do not need. Apps can run in the background, using data without you realising.