If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us as follows: 

If you use services from the Wingo, M-Budget or Coop Mobile range of products and services, you may contact us as follows: 
By using the contact form: https://www.wingo.ch/de/kontakt-formular

By telephone: 0900 94 93 92 (CHF 1.50/min for the first 10 minutes; all subsequent minutes are free of charge) 

By post: Wingo, Contact Center, CH-3050 Bern 

By using the contact form: https://coopmobile.ch/de/kontakt

By telephone: 0800 746 746

By post: Coop Mobile, Contact Center, 3050 Bern

By using the contact form: https://shop.m-budget.migros.ch/de/kontakt

By telephone: 0800 151 728 

By post: M-Budget, Contact Center, CH-3050 Bern 

You may contact the data protection officer or data protection advisor of Swisscom Ltd and Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd as follows:   

  • By post: Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Data Protection Officer Swisscom Ltd and Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, P.O. Box, 3050 Bern  
  • Our Data Protection Representative in the European Union may be contacted by supervisory authorities and data subjects on all issues relating to EU data protection law as follows:  
  • By emai: info@datenschutzpartner.eu
  • By post: VGS Datenschutzpartner UG, Am Kaiserkai 69, 20457 Hamburg, Germany