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Product description

Water- and dustproof

You don't have to worry about setting your smartphone on a wet surface with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. You can game at the poolside, post selfies on the beach and call a taxi in the rain. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are rated IP (Ingress Protection) 68.
* Can withstand 30 minutes immersed in 1.5 metres of water.


Why do the loveliest photo moments in life happen in poor light? Either we're inside a building or the sun has gone down. No problem anymore with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The wider f1.7 aperture and larger 1.4 µm pixels on the image sensor capture more light so your photos are always razor sharp and brilliantly detailed.


Ready, steady, smile. The Motion Photo function captures the three wonderful seconds before you press the shutter release. You can also choose which moments you want to keep as a still.

Dual Pixel 12MP

All pixel have not one but two photo diodes. That means the DSLR class dual pixel sensor can focus with the speed and precision of the human eye.

Huge memory expansion

microSD support allows you to expand memory capacity to suit your needs, so you will hardly need to delete files, photos or videos ever again. You can order memory expansion cards directly here.

Extended battery life

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge offer larger batteries so you can view your favourite TV programmes and listen to music for hours on end. The adapted CPU and advanced GPU ensure that the batteries are fully used. S7: 3000mAh | S7 edge: 3600mAh

Fast charging

Despite the larger batteries you can still look forward to fast integrated charging so you're not tied to a wall socket. S7: 90 min | S7 edge: 100 min

Wireless charging – faster than ever

It is simply the easiest way to charge a smartphone. Just put it down and it charges. And what's really sensational about wireless charging on the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge is its speed.

Always on Display (AOD)

Thanks to the AOD information is supplied at a glance, you don't have to activate your phone. And it's smart enough to switch itself off when you pop it in your pocket, place it front face down or the battery is getting low.

Practical tools

No matter whether you want to measure the distance between your desk and the wall or are looking for something under the bed – your edge screen comes in handy by quickly transforming itself into a ruler, pocket lamp or compass.

The better edge

The edge screen can display up to nine user interfaces and offers instant access to what you need at any moment – from calling a taxi to the latest sport results. Use Apps edge to create up to ten app shortcuts and folders.

Use your edge

As the edge screen is so versatile it makes sense to adjust control to fit your hand snugly. You can customise size, transparency and position under 'Settings'.