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inOne subscriptions

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Discover the inOne mobile subscription for your mobile or the inOne products for your home.

inOne mobile subscriptions

Our new basic, go and premium inOne mobile subscriptions and the Swiss mobile flat subscription offer you considerable freedom.

Existing Light, XS, S, M, L or XL inOne mobile subscriptions will remain valid, but will not be available to new subscribers.


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An overview of the inOne mobile subscriptions

  • The new subscriptions allow unlimited use of your smartphone abroad.
  • Calls abroad are not included in the new subscriptions. You can, however, add International Calls as an option.
  • A number of individual packs and options can be added to the new subscriptions.

inOne mobile: Questions & Answers

Is there a minimum contract period?

When and how can I switch to the inOne mobile subscription?

How do the inOne mobile subscriptions work while travelling?

Is it possible to take out a subscription “without a device” at a discounted rate?

Do the new subscriptions include free minutes for calling abroad?

Can I purchase a discounted device if I switch subscription?

Can I also benefit if I already have an inOne home subscription?

If I switch, will there be any changes to my inOne products at home?

In which countries can I enjoy unlimited use of inOne mobile premium?

inOne for the home

inOne includes everything for home and away in a single package. inOne combines Internet, Swisscom TV, telephone and mobile subscriptions for up to five people. Every component in the package can also be adapted to your requirements or left out altogether.

Are you already a Swisscom customer?

You can simply change to the new inOne subscriptions online in the Customer Center.

Would you like to switch to Swisscom?

Configure your inOne home and inOne mobile package to suit you.

Questions about inOne home

How do I qualify for the inOne benefit?

On which bill is the inOne benefit itemised?

How can I choose who is to enjoy the inOne benefit?

What will happen to my TV recordings if I switch to inOne home?

Will I lose storage space for TV recordings if I switch?


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