Our Story

Based in Switzerland, we are about 1000 IT experts and enthusiasts devoted to creating inspiring customer experiences and developing best quality services for Swisscom, the leading telecommunication and one of the country's leading IT providers. In addition, we have built a new DevOps Center in Netherlands in 2019. When it comes to Latvia, we are currently looking for 40 DevOps Engineers who are joining us in our office in Riga in the course of 2021. In the next few years we plan to grow to 200 employees.

Our ambition – to become the #1 DevOps team in Europe by the end of 2025! We work on innovative and challenging projects that use "state of the art tech" in an Agile environment. As DevOps engineers, we understand the equal importance of relationships, culture, soft skills, and collaborative working in a friendly environment. Be one of the first members to join and shape your new favorite workplace