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Are you looking for support in finding an apprenticeship? Then you've come to the right place. In Switzerland, there is a huge range of training options and different paths that will lead you to your goal. In this blog you will find important tips and tricks about your career choice and learn more from our Swisscom apprentices and their experiences.
Leonardo Meroni
Leonardo Meroni, Sport-KV Lernender EFZ
12 July 2022

The question of all questions is: How do I find the right profession for me?

Getting the right profession isn't that easy. First and foremost, it's about learning about your own interests and strengths. What makes me stand out, what kind of work do I enjoy? These questions will bring you a little closer to your dream job.


Through self-reflection and awareness of your needs, you will get to know yourself better. As soon as you have a better idea of your interests and strengths, you can start your career-specific search.

Where can you get support?

The first step starts with your curiosity. It's up to you to get support and take responsibility yourself.


Some examples of counselling services are: BIZ (Bern), LENA (Zurich) and To broaden your horizons, visit taster days and career fairs or dig more on platforms such as Yousty. You can also find out more with the help of your family, at school, with friends or on the internet.

Where do I get the motivation?

Starting to choose a career can take a lot of effort, as it requires patience, self-confidence and sometimes extra stamina.


But it's worth it! Once you have been accepted for an apprenticeship and have started at the company, you realize how diverse the world of work can be. Dozens of new paths open up, you meet new people every day, you work at different locations and learn to be mobile and courageous.

What should you look for in your application?

Once you have found the right job, it's time to apply. In any kind of application, first impressions count! Be authentic and show your best side. If you have any questions about your application, ask people who work in your dream job for tips. Step in to get more tips for your application.


As mentioned at the beginning, many paths lead to the goal and you will find your way! It is important to know yourself well, only then will you get the career path that suits you. Nowadays there are countless possibilities to get support, use them.


Are you interested in an apprenticeship at Swisscom? We offer seven different apprenticeships. Visit us at an event to find out more. Register and get an insight into the world of Swisscom.

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Leonardo Meroni

Sport-KV Lernender EFZ

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