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Application tips from apprentices

Our apprentices look back on their own career choices and pull together valuable tips that helped them make decisions and navigate the application process. Perhaps they will now help you.
Fabienne Maier
Fabienne Maier, Marketing Specialist @ Next Generation
07 April 2021

Choosing a career

You can only work out what you like by trying out as many jobs as possible. There are lots of informative videos available that look at different job descriptions and the skills you need. Apprenticeship platforms such as can also be a great help.


Actively seek dialogue with apprentices from your area. They can give you a good, honest insight into the training. The apprentices in specific professions can also tell you their reasons for choosing this training and this company in particular. That's why information days and trial apprenticeships are also a good idea as they combine both aspects. Still not sure which apprenticeship would suit you best? Creating a list of pros and cons can often help, both with selecting the profession and the company.

«Most of the time a profession sounds quite different on paper than it really is, so I think it's important to talk to people who are actually doing the job or taking part in the training.»

WayUp mediamatics apprentice

Preparing to apply

Once you have decided on a profession, it's time to start writing applications. First, find out about the company you want to apply for. In your letter of application, explain what caught your eye on the website or what aspect of the information event you found particularly exciting. Afterwards, have your parents or a teacher check your letter to make sure it is grammatically correct and well formulated.

The job interview

If your application is convincing, you will be invited to a personal interview. Prepare yourself by practising the interview with your parents or a teacher beforehand. You can also find out on the internet what questions are often asked. Think about some questions you would like to ask during the interview in advance. For example: "What does a typical working day look like?”

Still unsure? You can find some application help here.

If you still have questions about the application process, you can find all the contact details you need here.

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Fabienne Maier

Marketing Specialist @ Next Generation

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