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Training model

Training model @ Swisscom explained

Self-directed, individual and versatile. This is how our apprentices describe their apprenticeship at Swisscom. But what is it exactly that makes our training model so unique?
Fabienne Maier
Fabienne Maier, Marketing Specialist @ Next Generation
06 July 2021

In most apprenticeship companies, apprentices receive a training plan that determines when and in which department they work and thus acquire knowledge. Not so at Swisscom - with us, you decide for yourself when and where you build up which skills in line with your job description.

On our so-called "marketplace" you will find advertised projects*, which you can filter and search based on your still open skills and your interests until you find a suitable project*. Just like in the real job market, you apply for your desired project and go through an application process. If you are convincing, you will receive an acceptance letter and start in the new team on the agreed date. This principle prepares you ideally for the working environment and allows you to regularly practice marketing yourself and your skills in a protected environment. But that's not all: because this way, the "backpack of experience" looks a little different for each apprentice and the focus is on your strengths. Through individual experiences, all apprentices are unique and in demand for different projects, depending on the composition of their skills portfolio.


At Swisscom, you count as an important and fully-fledged team member from day one, and you will be challenged and supported as such. You work on real, business-relevant assignments and thus help to shape and advance Swisscom and the world of work. You can take on responsibility and lead your own projects. Our guiding principle "I WANT" accompanies you in your daily work and motivates you to take on challenges and grow beyond yourself.

This video gives you an insight into our training model:

The innovative Training Model of Swisscom Next Generation.

* Project - a short FAQ:

What exactly is a project?
It can be a project in the classic sense, as you may already know it from school: A self-contained task that you work on from start to finish - for example, creating a website according to the customer's wishes, writing and designing a flyer for advertising purposes or putting a product through its pace.
It can also be a project in which you take responsibility for ongoing work steps or processes - for example, looking after and advising customers in a Swisscom shop, monitoring and correcting incorrectly assigned invoices, or providing first-level support for users of an application.

How long does a project like this take?
A project can last from one day to half a year - depending on the scope of the tasks and competencies.


Who invites tenders for such project?
All Swisscom employees can post a project on the virtual marketplace if they have an exciting task in which learners can work at the same time and build up or expand their skills. When posting, they define the desired start time, the desired duration, the possible competences that can be acquired - and perhaps also what knowledge the learners already need to bring with them.

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Marketing Specialist @ Next Generation

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