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Job satisfaction – all employees have a voice at Swisscom

Swisscom cares about its customers and employees in equal measure, understanding that both underpin the company’s success. We employ forward-thinking people, who sometimes think outside the box and who want to help shape new developments and share responsibility. It is important to us that our employees get involved, which is why we conduct our employee survey at least once a year.
Angelika Hähnel
Angelika Hähnel, Marketing Manager
21 July 2022

The results for 2021 show an impressive response rate and a high degree of engagement as shown in the number of positive and critical comments:


Response rate

for the employee survey



to “I like that...”
and “I would like...”

The comments

Our employees can express their views on a variety of topics. For example:

  • about their work situation: Right now, I have everything I need to do a good job.
  • about objectives and roles: In my work environment, we regularly discuss what we want to achieve and what each of us is contributing.
  • about dealing with conflicts: In my work environment, it is easy to discuss topics and problems that are also difficult.
  • about stress: Negative stress has rarely occurred in my day-to-day work over the past 12 month.
  • about collaboration – agility: Collaboration with colleagues from other teams works well.
  • about continuous development: I can develop in my company.
  • about recommending Swisscom: I would recommend Swisscom as an employer.

We will take a closer look at some of the themes extrapolated from the 70,000 completed surveys here:


Team collaboration and cohesion were mentioned as special strengths. Our employees also value an open, transparent feedback culture, interesting tasks and projects as well as the wide range of training and professional development opportunities. They also consider the flexibility they are given in terms of how they can organise their day-to-day work to be very positive. While we are pleased with the positive feedback, we would nevertheless like to focus strongly on the suggestions for improvement made by our employees.


One topic that always deserves attention is appreciation. We are aware that nothing functions without our employees. For this reason, the topic of appreciation is now also becoming part of the new leadership programmes. At Swisscom, appreciation should be firmly embedded and an ever-present theme for all managers.


Development and further training are other aspects that we are constantly optimising. In addition to the many internal “on-the-job” learning and development opportunities, the five days of further training and the learning platform SKILLup are particularly appreciated. The latter supports our aspirational learning culture of self-directed and independent lifelong learning and supports skills development within our workforce. However, employees want more time to learn and a greater focus on skills that are critical for the future, jobs and career prospects, including a focus on career paths. A further area of development is scarce resources: finding sufficient time for on-the-job learning or continuous improvement remains a major challenge. Areas of development can also be seen at the structural level, where “silos” and “unclear responsibilities” are sometimes seen as obstacles. These topics are addressed internally, so we take them into account using measures such as the Talent Management approach and the Leadership Map.

The results

Here is a small sample of how the Net Promoter Score has evolved over the years on the following topics: the work situation, conflict management, stress, development and recommending Swisscom:

Pulse Arbeitssituation
Pulse Umgang mit Konflikten
Pulse Weiterentwicklung
Pulse Weiterempfehlung

Implement improvements

Our employee survey Pulse makes it easier to do a good job... when we work in teams and act on the feedback we ask our employees to give us. To ensure the successful planning and implementation of improvement measures, we provide our employees with tips and materials for successful feedback (evaluations) and a range of tools for overcoming typical challenges in teams. These tools help team members to lead constructive team discussions, set priorities, and to grow as a team and ultimately as a company.

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