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Traditional IT-thinking in the cloud

In this blog I'd like to introduce our new Base Camp workshops
Christian Jutzi
Christian Jutzi, ICT Architect
01 May 2020
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Ready for the Cloud-Race?

In our Base Camp workshops you will learn everything you need to know about the How and Why of the cloud. We will guide you through the basics of modern cloud computing and familiarize you with the concepts and terminology. You will gain the necessary basis for the successful use of Cloud Computing. You will learn about the structure of cloud eco-systems and the important differences between traditional IT and cloud operating models.

Why the cloud?

What are the drivers and what are the goals you want to achieve in your company through cloud computing? These initially simple questions have consequences for your approach and the setting of priorities in your future cloud model, because the iron triangle also applies in the cloud: “Good, Fast, Cheap. Choose two”. Get to know and better understand the pros and cons of different priorities.

Cloud Technology & Eco Systems

What’s the cloud?

Base Camp workshops are designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Even if you never logged into a cloud platform before, these workshops will familiarize you with the basic elements and services. Features will be discussed and you will learn which services best suit your use cases.

Cloud Operating Model

What’s the cloud’s operating model?

As in traditional IT, business, technology & finance go hand in hand in the cloud, but very differently. We look at the opportunities and risks of the variable cost model in the cloud and which principles can be used to control these in your company. Along the way, we also introduce FinOps, the new model for financial management of cloud systems.

What are the cloud’s challenges?

Indeed, the cloud does not solve all problems of digital transformation, and certainly not by itself. As in traditional IT, for success there are many hurdles to overcome in the cloud as well. A solid basic knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships therefore is a prerequisite for all those involved, because it’s the users who spend company money just by a simple click or a line of code.

This is the cloud

How is the Base Camp Workshop structured?

The journey to the cloud is individual for each company. Base Camp workshops therefore focus on the needs of your team and get set up accordingly on the level from “beginner” to “advanced”, the contents and duration.


Choose your thematic focus from predefined but flexible modules. Workshops can be full-day, half-day or a series of hours (possible outside of office hours).


The format is planned as frontal teaching on site or virtually and without participation of third parties.


Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Further information about the Base Camp can be found here:


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