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Virtual Oracle databases – Trivadis and Swisscom make it possible

The words ‘data storage’ used to conjure up images of huge rooms full of servers. Today, it’s much simpler. Data is stored in the cloud and physical infrastructure is now of secondary importance. For Oracle, this is only half true because the interlinking of licences, software features and hardware is so complex. However, in the age of data-driven business, companies need the ability to act flexibly at any time. It is therefore all the more important to be able to offer databases in a virtual environment with total security and flexibility, in compliance with licence requirements. This is one of the reasons why Swisscom and Trivadis decided to offer Oracle DB in the cloud.
Nicolas Dörig
Nicolas Dörig, Product Manager
13 September 2019

Life becomes more exciting when you mix two things together – Coca-Cola knew that in 2010 with its Mezzo Mix. So why not simplify our customers’ day-to-day business and blend two technological products together?
Swisscom and Trivadis came up with the idea of developing the cloud-based Managed Oracle Database Service.


Trivadis has solid experience of managed services and specialises in data management and data analytics in particular. It develops solutions for the digitisation of business processes based on Microsoft, Oracle and open-source technologies.
Thanks to its flexibility, the cloud is a central driving force of digitisation. With the Enterprise Service Cloud, Swisscom offers a reliable private cloud for businesses with significant security-related or regulatory requirements. Swisscom is also the only Swiss provider to offer access to the cloud in its own data centres via its own network, thereby providing end-to-end security.

“Rapid growth, high flexibility, short time to market: without the cloud, nothing much works in business anymore.”

Marcel Walker, Head of Network & Cloud Swisscom


Swisscom and Trivadis have been helping customers operate their IT for a long time. It was a mutual customer who suggested they should form an official partnership. What began as an interesting idea became a needs-oriented service. Together, Swisscom and Trivadis developed a cloud-based automated platform for Oracle Database Services, which both companies now offer in their portfolios.


Trivadis is responsible for expanding and operating the databases, while Swisscom provides a stable footing with its Swiss-based Enterprise Service Cloud. And it makes sense – according to market research company ISG*, Swisscom is the market leader when it comes to cloud services for businesses.




“Our data platform is characterised by high flexibility, scalability and availability. And since the services are provided from the Swisscom Cloud, data security is also guaranteed.”

Sebastian Bloch, Head of Managed Services bei Trivadis

Trivadis und Swisscom Zusammenarbeit Visualisierung

The perfect addition for our customers

Thanks to the Managed Oracle Database Service, customers of both providers can outsource data management, focus on their core business and benefit further from the advantages of Oracle databases. They get a single contact partner from the planning to the operational stage. Customers only pay for what they actually get (pay-as-you-go), lighten their IT workload and can save hardware and operational costs. A complete, worry-free package.

“Thanks to the partnership between Swisscom and Trivadis, our customers can not only outsource data management and concentrate on their core business, they can also rely on Swisscom’s secure Swiss cloud.”

Roland Bieri, Swisscom

In sectors such as health, insurance and banking, Oracle products form the basis for the use of business software sold by independent software vendors (ISV) such as Avalog and Finnova. This is necessary for regulatory reasons with a view to data usage and data protection. The Managed Oracle Database Service enables such highly regulated sectors to digitise and outsource their business processes because, as well as data storage, all operations and support are provided by experts in Switzerland.

The service therefore combines the know-how of two experienced Swiss providers in a single product that actively helps and supports Swiss companies in data-driven business. Are you interested? Contact our expert for a consultation.


Further information about the service can be found here

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