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5G mobile connection for your corporate network or Internet access

Swisscom network customers can now benefit from ultra-fast 5G fixed wireless access technology. B2B customers can integrate sites without a fixed-line access into their corporate network or connect them to the Internet using 5G Mobile Access. They can also use 5G Mobile Backup to increase availability for strategically important locations.
Marius Stricker
Marius Stricker, Senior Product Manager
01 December 2022

5G Mobile Access (FWA)

The solution works for rural locations not covered by the standard network expansion, temporary business sites without a fixed network connection or mobile use (e.g. in vehicles). 5G Mobile Access uses mobile technology to connect to the super-fast ultra-broadband network, without the need for a copper or fibre optic connection. Swisscom is using 5G Mobile Access to supplement its fixed network infrastructure and increase the availability of ultra-broadband with bandwidths of up to 1 Gbit/s.

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5G Mobile Backup

5G mobile technology is now also used as a backup (failover). 5G Mobile Backup is offered in combination with a fixed network fibre or copper connection. The 5G Mobile Backup service works as a failover, ensuring a connection through the 5G mobile network if the fixed connection fails for any reason. The latest 5G technology creates a high-performance and commercially attractive redundancy option.

How do Swisscom customers benefit from 5G access technology?

A Swisscom Enterprise Connect Service contract and Swisscom mobile network coverage with 5G are required for 5G Mobile Access and Mobile Backup. Swisscom’s 5G network is available to 99% of the population. The faster 5G+ version is currently accessible to more than 70% of Switzerland.
A small receiver is also used for the Mobile Access and Mobile Backup service. The 5G Mobile Toolkit (which also supports 4G) contains a 5G SIM card and is mounted on the outside of the building. The toolkit connects with the mobile communication mast to provide wireless access to the Swisscom network.


5G Mobile Access and 5G Mobile Backup as an integral part of Enterprise Connect

Business customers can order and use 5G Mobile Access or 5G Mobile Backup in conjunction with Enterprise Connect S or XS.


Enterprise Connect is Swisscom’s Software Defined Network solution and includes WAN, LAN, PWLAN, TV, Voice, Cloud Access and Secure Internet Services. Using the Enterprise Connect dashboards, customers can place online orders, change bandwidths, configure solutions and view reports – all in real time.


Advantages of 5G Mobile Access and 5G Mobile Backup:

  • Single connection as an Internet connection or to supplement office networking
  • Integral part of the Enterprise Connect service family
  • Online ordering and configuration
  • Online reporting and inventory display at any time
  • Speed profiles from 10/2 Mbit/s to 1000/100 Mbit/s
  • Flexible and site-independent installable 5G Mobile Toolkit with a cable length of up to 100 m


With Enterprise Connect 5G Mobile Access and 5G Mobile Backup, our customers are ready for the opportunities modern technologies provide in a networked world.


More information about Enterprise Connect is available on our website:
Swisscom Enterprise Connect

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