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Dos and don’ts for job interviews

A job interview is not witchcraft and yet many things can go wrong in a job interview. I have been working as a Talent Acquisition Manager and Active Sourcer for over 10 years and support recruitment at various levels and in various areas at Swisscom. Even though I do not sit in on the job interviews myself, my managers regularly recount their success stories and positive experiences. Unfortunately, I do also hear about the occasional negative experience. I would therefore like to share some tips along the way. After all, a job interview is not rocket science!
David Luyet
David Luyet, Head Talent Sourcing & Relationship Management
24 January 2013

So, what should you NOT do in an interview:

  • Fabricate anything on your CV or about your career – you are sure to get found out
  • Hide your hands under the table while avoiding the gaze of your interviewer
  • Give less than 5-word answers
  • ”Weaknesses? I don't have any.”
  • Hold forth for 15 minutes when you have been asked to give a brief answer
  • Have no plan regarding the jobs you are applying for or the companies you are applying to
  • Why are you looking for a new job? To earn more money

This may seem obvious to you, but believe me, there is nothing we haven’t seen! Although there is plenty of information on the Internet about how to prepare for an interview, what to bear in mind and what questions you might face, I have provided some impressions below, which I consider important:

  • Are you punctual? Also note that 15 minutes early is too early! 5 minutes before the appointment is sufficient.
  • Are you listening to the questions carefully and answering them precisely?
  • Have you also brought your sense of humour? After all, work should be fun, at Swisscom at least
  • Are you a good judge of your own ability?
  • Have you taken time to familiarise yourself with the position and the employer, and are you asking relevant questions?
  • Can you provide a clear, well-structured, 5-10-minute overview of your career to date?

And don’t forget my personal motto: you always win with a smile! So, stay relaxed at your next interview, be yourself and don't be afraid to show a sense of humour. This is sure to come over well – with all interviewers.


The ball is now in your court: Are there dos and don’ts for us as an employer? We prepare for interviews at least as well as you do as a candidate, but we also make mistakes.


I welcome your experiences, highlights, anecdotes and impressions! 

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David Luyet

Head Talent Sourcing & Relationship Management

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