Portrait Justus Pfeiffer

"I work when others are partying."

I’m a workaholic. While others are dancing and clubbing on Friday night, I’m working on my favourite project, the Zurkow Festival. It’s a start-up and cultural exchange between Switzerland and Poland.
Justus Pfeiffer, former apprentice and Work Smart Coach
23 February 2021


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It began as an idea for a vocational college group project. But it sparked an ambitious streak in me. I wanted to prove that the idea could be put into practice. Now we’re an international team organising the festival for 1,500 people. It’s a great experience for me. I’ve learned how to deploy my personal resources effectively. I wouldn’t manage otherwise. I try to set an example at Swisscom as well. As a Work Smart Coach, I help other teams to improve their efficiency. You can achieve a lot with the right tools. The rest is discipline and a will to make things easier.

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