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Discover your opportunities at the Swisscom Student Day!

The Swisscom Student Day takes place on the 28th of April 2021 in a virtual format. Do not miss this premiere and join us at the very first virtual Swisscom Student Day – An event full of technology, innovation and fun! Take the chance to connect with Swisscom employees, listen to interesting talks and take part in interactive workshops.



Date:     28 April 2021


Time:     4.00 pm to 7.00 pm


Format:     Virtual

Program Swisscom Student Day

Entry Opportunities
Virtual Apéro
and more!

Dive into the world of Swisscom and take part in two interactive workshops or presentations, listen to an interesting talk from our Head of Development IT, Network & Innovation and learn more about our entry opportunities. Current Trainees will share their insights and experiences and are ready to answer your burning questions. Do not miss your chance to win exciting prices and take part in a virtual apéro with networking opportunities.


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Cyber Security Kill Chain

In this workshop, we would like to familiarize you with the cyber kill chain, a series of steps that trace stages of a cyberattack from the early reconnaissance stages to the exfiltration of data. The kill chain helps to understand and combat ransomware, security breaches, and advanced persistent attacks (APTs).

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Bottom-Up Innovation with Kickbox

All Swisscom employees have the opportunity to easily start their new ideas with the Kickbox methodology. In this workshop you will learn more about the Kickbox method and can make your own first steps as an innovator. If you already have an idea for a problem you would like to solve, bring it to this session!

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Tips & Tricks to Launch Your Next Career Step

Get to know our Talent Attraction Experts and ask your HR-related questions in a relaxed environment. In this workshop you will get useful insights from behind the scenes of the recruiting process. Learn effective ways to make your CV stand out and to be found by the right people on LinkedIn.


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Applied ML and AI at Swisscom

In this presentation, we will show you how we use data, ML and AI at scale to produce valuable insights and strengthen our business processes. Learn how the tools and methodologies can be applied and what the DOs and DON'Ts are when transforming an existing multi-billion CHF business into a data-driven organization.

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Synchronizing Distributed Systems

We live in a time where we connect more and more devices that need to communicate with each other. In this presentation you will learn what it means to synchronize distributed systems. This is one of the oldest, but still very current problems in computer science, which we will explore with a practical example.

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Swisscom Cloud Offerings

In this presentation you will gain interesting insights about the different types of clouds such as IaaS, PaaS, etc. and how they differ from each other. You will have the opportunity to get to know Swisscom's internal clouds with their most essential features and learn more about the importance of cloud transformation.

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