Discover your opportunities at the Swisscom Student Day 2022!

Experience Swisscom as an employer at the Swisscom Student Day in Berne. A day full of innovation, new technologies and fun awaits you. We are opening our doors on April 12, 2022, and warmly invite you to dive into the working world of Swisscom, where an informative and interactive event awaits you.


You will learn about entry opportunities at Swisscom. We will accompany you on a journey of discovery through our latest projects. Sign up and be part of it!



Date: 12 April 2022


Time: 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm


Location: Swisscom, Genfergasse 14, Berne (2 minutes from Berne railway station)

You can expect a varied programme that will give you deep insights into our strategy and culture. Swisscom is helping to shape Switzerland's future and will show you the key innovations and technologies at the Student Day 2022.

Program Student Day

CV Check
Challenges & Prices
Networking Coffee
Start at Swisscom
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Dive into the world of Swisscom and take part in two interactive workshops or presentations, listen to an interesting talk from our Head of Omni-Channel DevOps Center and learn more about our entry opportunities. Current Trainees will share their insights and experiences and are ready to answer your burning questions. Do not miss your chance to win exciting prizes and take part in a virtual apéro with networking opportunities.

Pre-Event Hunt, 14.00h – 15.30h (optional)

Have fun exploring the Swisscom building and get to know Swisscom better by solving tricky challenges as part of a team.

Event, 16.00h – 19.00h

There will be talks, your choice of interactive workshops, a professional photographer who takes your application photo, a networking apéro and much more.

Workshops-Descriptions 2022

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Taking Blockchain Technology from Hype to Value Creation

Leader: Roland Cortivo, DBU-SWB, Chief Revenue Officer, Swisscom Blockchain


Description: Why Swisscom believes in blockchain technology and how we are building a trusted ecosystem with strategic partners and ventures. You will learn how Swisscom Digital Business drives innovation and growth through Internet and blockchain-based services and platforms. Dream big, fail fast, and never quit.


Requirements: Creative, open-minded, tech-savvy, and ambitious DNA :-)

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Bottom-Up Innovation with Kickbox

Leader: Michael Hunkeler, GHR-OSA-LOT, Head of Swisscom Kickbox & Growth at


Description: All Swisscom employees have the opportunity to easily start their new ideas with the Kickbox methodology. In this workshop, you will learn more about the Kickbox method and can make your own first steps as an innovator. If you already have an idea for a problem you would like to solve, bring it to this session!


Requirements: An idea to solve a problem! (voluntary)

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Cybersecurity; dealing with unknown and unexpected events

Leader: Duilio Hochstrasser, B2B-ITL-PSY-PM, Security Product Manager and Security Ambassador


Description: Cybersecurity is a critical topic for every business, but also for every individual. In this workshop, I will give you an overview of cyber threats, cybercriminals and the darknet which is an important tool for criminals. This knowledge, usually called "Threat Intelligence", is essential to plan adequate security measures.

How is Swisscom preparing? What is the role of each employee? Let's understand together how everyone can contribute to the company's risk reduction but also to the improvement of personal security.


Requirements: Curiosity and desire to better understand cybersecurity

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Deploy yourself to the Cloud!

Leader: Christoph Schnyder, INI-CIT-SWS, Product Owner Cloud Solutions Description: Cloud solutions are much like cooking: you need the right ingredients and the expertise to combine them perfectly. With our Cloud Services, we offer both to our customers. Be it as Private Cloud Solutions in our own datacenters or on the Global Public Clouds together with our partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. In this workshop, you can make your own first steps towards the Cloud by starting your personal blog and right away deploying it to AWS.


Requirements: Your laptop with a command line ready to hack

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Robots on Cloud Platform Services

Leader: Mohammad Zahedi, GHR-OSA-NEX-18, Computer Scientist Application Developer


Description: Swisscom offers internal and external customers various services related to Robotic Process Automation. RPA is an approach to automate repetitive, manual, time-consuming or error-prone activities by so-called software robots.

Until now, these robots ran on computers in the Swisscom network or at the customer's. The robots can now also be in a public cloud and carry out the automation there. In the presentation, we would show how a robot performs automated activities on a VM in the MS Azure Cloud.


Requirements: None

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Network Coffee

Networking in a different way: Get to know our HR employees and juniors from different areas of Swisscom in the Network Coffee! Ask your questions and find out more about the opportunities to join Swisscom. In addition to a CV check, a portrait shooting and many exciting Swisscom insights, you can look forward to a unique networking opportunity in a relaxed environment.

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