Our business model

Swisscom offers mobile telephony, fixed network, Internet and digital TV to business and residential customers. We are also one of the largest providers of IT services in Switzerland. We build and maintain the mobile and fixed network infrastructure, distribute broadcast signals and are also active in the banking, energy, entertainment, advertising and healthcare sectors.

“Our passion: inspiring everyone in the networked world – from individual users to high-tech companies.“

Christoph Aeschlimann, CEO Swisscom

Input factors

To achieve our corporate goals, we rely on the following key inputs.

Our partners supply us with goods and services worth over CHF 2.7 billion annually. We attach importance to fair and efficient partnerships with suppliers who share our social and ecological goals and values. We work together to protect the environment and improve working conditions.

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Swisscom embraces diversity and boasts a gender-diverse workforce of 18,900, including 900 apprentices, from different generations and around 90 nations. Our residential customers are served by 3,500 advisors. Every year, they answer twelve million calls, respond to over one and a half million e-mails and letters, and serve ten million customers in the 120 Swisscom Shops. For business customers, our Service Desk answers 1.2 million calls per year and carries out over 300,000 on-site visits. 4,500 employees in the IT, Network and Infrastructure division are responsible for our network and IT infrastructure.

The roots of our company date back to 1852. One thing has always remained constant: like Swisscom today, the predecessor companies were always at the forefront of and setting new standards in technology.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT)AI & Analyticsblockchain and others act as innovation accelerators in the Swiss economy. We use these technologies ourselves and make them available to our customers for their profitable use. Swisscom operates 6 data centres in Switzerland. The IT infrastructure comprises over 75,000 virtual and physical servers.

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Swisscom works with leading international partners and research institutes to provide innovative solutions.

We rely on a broad spectrum of financing instruments to meet our financing requirements.

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“Innovations and best experiences set us apart from our competitors, impress our customers and generate revenue.”

Dirk Wierzbitzki,
Head of Residential Customers

Value creation processes

Our strategic value creation processes are described in brief here.

Swisscom offers mobile telephonyfixed networkInternet and digital TV to residential customers. With inOne, Swisscom enables its customers to select the performance of the individual components according to their own needs and makes it easy to use new mobile devices such as watches, trackers or tablets. Using Smart Home, customers can conveniently control the most popular smart devices from an app. Swisscom blue offers a comprehensive entertainment experience and includes blue TV, blue Cinema and blue News. Through its other brands(opens in new tab) Wingo, Coop Mobile and M-Budget, Swisscom targets customers looking for a solution for a smaller budget. Customers can have damaged mobile devices repaired on site at Swisscom Repair Centers in the Swisscom Shops. myCloud offers Swisscom customers a Swiss solution to securely manage and share their personal data such as photos, videos and documents.

Drawing on many years of experience as an integrated ICT company, Swisscom can support its customers through the digitisation process. It develops forward-looking solutions together with customers based on one of the most comprehensive ICT portfolios in Switzerland. This portfolio includes cloudoutsourcingworkplace and IoT solutions; mobile solutions for mobile working and communication; network solutions; site networking; business process optimisation; SAP solutionssecurity and authentication solutions; and comprehensive services tailored to banks. For small businesses, Swisscom offers a combined Internet and telephony package in the form of inOne SME. Larger SMEs or those with more complex needs can opt for Smart Business Connect for an individual communication solution supplemented with collaboration functions and a network service. With Smart ICT Swisscom offers its customers a complete IT outsourcing package as a modular integrated solution. Together with IT partners in the regions, Swisscom takes over the operation of the customer’s ICT infrastructure and deals with data security professionally. The Swisscom Digital Business Unit focuses(opens in new tab) on digital services for SMEs via localsearch(opens in new tab), activities in the FinTech sector(opens in new tab) and blockchain-based services. Through Swisscom Broadcast Ltd, Swisscom offers broadcasting services ranging from platform-independent services for customers in the media sector to business and security broadcasting. Swisscom also offers services related to the construction and maintenance of network infrastructure in the telecommunications sector through Swisscom Broadcast Ltd, Swisscom offers broadcasting services ranging from platform-independent services for customers in the media sector to business and security broadcasting. Swisscom also offers services related to the construction and maintenance of network infrastructure in the telecommunications sector through cablex Ltd(opens in new tab).

Swisscom Wholesale provides its customers with a variety of copper and fibre-based connection options. It also offers basic services for connecting telecommunications equipment and services, whilst also providing customers with infrastructure products such as co-use of cabling or the mobile network. Swisscom Wholesale is also developing advanced business areas in the OTT sector.

Fastweb(opens in new tab) leads the field in the development of multimedia and broadband communication services: our subsidiary in Italy operates the second-largest network and sets new standards with voice, data, Internet and IPTV services, and video on demand for residential and enterprise customers.

“Acceleriamo la crescita in tutti i settori e creiamo opportunità nel mercato italiano.”

Alberto Calcagno,


This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Swisscom consolidates its position as the market leader in Switzerland and as an essential provider of IT services. Swisscom is creating the digital backbone of Switzerland and is known for offering the best customer experience(opens in new tab). As one of Switzerland’s leading employers in the field of ICT, Swisscom will continue attracting the best talent.

The Swisscom subsidiary Fastweb(opens in new tab) is a leading alternative provider for residential and business customers in Italy. Through continuous investments(opens in new tab), Fastweb is further expanding its convergent ultra-fast broadband network(opens in new tab). Fastweb is making a significant contribution to Swisscom’s growth and aims to gain an even greater share of the market(opens in new tab). Fastweb also wants to offer the best customer experience(opens in new tab) through impressive service quality.

Swisscom enjoys a very high level of financial stability. Securing profitability(opens in new tab) and cash flow are important to continue guaranteeing an attractive dividend. Swisscom will also continue to ensure a attractive dividend. Swisscom will also continue to ensure a solid balance(opens in new tab) sheet in the future.

Swisscom is committed to corporate social responsibility. As a trustworthy company, Swisscom is focused on sustainability, which is reflected, among other things, in net-zero emissions and a positive carbon footprint. Swisscom promotes digital integration by offering services to improve media skills. Swisscom also offers its employees an inspiring workplace and promotes diversity and inclusion in the company.

Swisscom is launching innovative products and services based on products and services based on resilient and secure networks. As a leading digital company, Swisscom also offers the best customer experiences in the digital environment.(opens in new tab) It is systematically developing its digital business growth areas such as FinTech and trust services. In Silicon Valley, our outpost(opens in new tab) is involved in the scouting and transfer of technology on behalf of Swisscom. Swisscom Ventures(opens in new tab) networks start-ups with Swisscom’s business units to stimulate innovation. Swisscom StartUp supports start-ups and entrepreneurs in Switzerland with advice, discounts on IT and cloud services, expert know-how, coaching programmes, finance and community events. The internal intrapreneurship programme Kickbox(opens in new tab) also supports the company’s internal innovation process by providing employees with tools, a clear process and resources for innovation projects