• Transparency and clear responsibilities

    Discover the basic principles under which Swisscom operates.

Corporate Governance: how Swisscom is managed

Transparency and clear responsibilities characterise the responsible manner in which Swisscom is managed, i.e. its corporate governance. Discover the rules under which we manage, organise and control our activities.

Board of Directors

Members and committees of the Board of Directors and their remuneration.

More information about the current Board of Directors

Group Executive Board

CEO and members of the Group Executive Board and their remuneration.

More information about the current Group Executive Board

Company structure

Company structure and capital structure: how Swisscom is structured.

More information about the company structure

Basic principles

Code of Conduct, Articles of Incorporation and regulations under which Swisscom is managed.

Risk management

Thanks to comprehensive risk management, we identify potential risks to the company at an early stage.


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Interim Report

All information about
the Half-year Report 2019