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Board of Directors

Board of Directors declares support for "Swisscom 2020" corporate strategy

The Board of Directors met ten times in 2015 and declared its support for the "Swisscom 2020" corporate strategy, in which sustainability is the key theme. The Board deals with the relevant economic, ecological and social issues in various committees. It has delegated the strategy's implementation to the CEO of Swisscom AG.


The members of the Board of Directors

The nine-member Board of Directors brings together expertise and knowledge from various branches of industry within a broadly based body.

Governing bodies

The committees of the Board of Directors

The three permanent BoD committees – Finance, Audit and Compensation – convened at regular meetings throughout 2015. The Nomination Committee is formed on an ad hoc basis, when needed.


Remuneration of the Board of Directors

The remuneration paid to the Board of Directors reflects the level of responsibility and the scope of activities performed by each member.