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Anna Mossberg

Porträtaufnahme Anna Mossberg

Anna Mossberg

Member of the Board of Directors

Born 1972, Swedish citizen
Master of Science, Industrial Engineering & Management from Luleå University of Technology
Completed management programme in Executive Management for Growing Companies at Stanford Business School Palo Alto, USA



1996–2010 positions including Vice President and Head of Business & Product Management, Head of Internet, Consumer Segment and Director Data Services, Product & Services at Telia
2010 CEO Bahnhof AB
2011 Senior Advisor, Stanley Securities AB
2012–2014 Senior Vice President Strategy, Deutsche Telekom
2015–March 2018 member of the management team of Google Ltd, Sweden

Other positions of responsibility

Member of the Board of Directors of Swedbank, Sweden

Participation in meetings of the Board of Directors in 2018

Meetings: 8/12
Telephone conferences: 3/3
Circular resolutions: 2/2

Participation in meetings of committees in 2018

Finance Committee: 3/4




All details valid as of 31 December 2018