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Catherine Mühlemann

Photo of Cathrine Mühlemann

Catherine Mühlemann

Member of the Board of Directors

Born 1966, Swiss citizen
Lic. phil I
Swiss diploma in public relations



1994–1997 Head of Media Research, Swiss Television DRS
1997–1999 Programme Researcher SF1 and SF2
1999–2001 Programme Director TV3
2001–2003 Managing Director, MTV Central
2003–2005 Managing Director, MTV Central & Emerging Markets
2005–2008 Managing Director, MTV Central & Emerging Markets and Viva Media AG (Viacom)
From 2008 partner and until December 2012 owner of Andmann Media Holding GmbH, Baar

Other positions of responsibility

Vice-Chair of Swiss Tourism
Member of the Supervisory Board, Tele Columbus AG, Berlin

Board of Directors' Meetings

Meetings: 11
Telephone conferences: 3
Circular resolutions: -

Committee meetings:

Finance Committee: 1




All details valid as of 31 December 2016