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Renzo Simoni

Photo of Hans Werder

Renzo Simoni

Government representative, Member of the Board of Directors

Born 1961, Swiss citizen
Doctorate in Science, Civil Engineering ETH



1985–1989 Consultant, Structural and Civil Engineering, Gruner Group, Zurich
1989–1995 Research Fellow, ETH Zurich
1995–1998 Lecturer, ETH Zurich
1995–2002 Civil engineering consulting for building owners, Ernst Basler und Partner AG
2002–2006 Member of the Management Board, Helbling Beratung und Bauplanung AG, then Co-General Manager
2007 – June 2017 Chairman of the Management Board, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd.

Other positions of responsibility

Advisor to DB Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH (“Stuttgart 21”) of Deutsche Bahn
Member of the Board of Directors, Gruner Ltd, Basel
Chairman of the Board of the Psychiatric Hospital, University of Zurich
Member of the Board of Directors, Rhätische Bahn AG

Participation in meetings of the Board of Directors in 2018

Meetings: 12/12
Telephone conferences: 3/3
Circular resolutions: 2/2

Participation in meetings of committees in 2018

Audit Committee: 5/7
Remuneration Committee: 3/3





All details valid as of 31 December 2018