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Hans C. Werner

Photo of Hans C. Werner

Hans C. Werner

Head of Group Human Resources

Born 1960, Swiss citizen
Degree in business administration, doctorate in economics



1997–1999 Rector, Kantonsschule Büelrain, Winterthur
1999–2000 Head Technical Training and Business Training, Swiss Re
2001 Divisional Operation Officer Division Reinsurance & Risk, Swiss Re
2002–2003 Head HR Corporate Centre and HR Shared Services, Swiss Re
2003–2007 Head Global Human Resources, Swiss Re
2007–2009 Head HR and Training, Schindler Aufzüge AG
2010–2011 HR Vice President, Europe North and East, Schindler
Since September 2011 Chief Personnel Officer (CPO), Swisscom Ltd
Since September 2011 member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board


Other positions of responsibility

Member of the Board of Trustees of comPlan, Berne
Member of the Board of Directors, Swiss Employer’s Association, Zurich
President of the Institute Council and member of the Advisory Board of the International Institute of Management in Technology (iimt) at the University of Fribourg


1,259 (as of 31.12.2018)