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Urs Lehner

Photo of Urs Lehner

Urs Lehner

Head of Business Customers

Born 1968, Swiss citizen
Degree in IT Engineering (UAS, university of applied sciences), Executive MBA in Business Engineering, University of St. Gallen (HSG)



1997 – 2013 Trivadis Group, most recently
2004 – 2008 Solution Portfolio Manager, member of Executive Management of Trivadis Group
2008 – 2011 COO & Partner of Trivadis Group2
2011 – 2013 Board of Directors of Trivadis Holding AG
2011 – 2013 Head of Marketing & Sales Corporate Business, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
2014 – 2015 Head of Marketing & Sales Enterprise Customers, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
2016 – 2017 Head of Enterprise Sales & Services Enterprise Customers, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
2017– 2019 Head of Swisscom Enterprise Customers, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
Since June 2017 Member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board
Since January 2020 Head of Business Customers


Other mandates



509 (as of 31.12.2019)