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Basic principles

We follow these rules

Our regulations for good company management/corporate governance lay down responsibilities and define the principles of conduct for successful cooperation.

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Code of Conduct

Managing and working together

Taking responsibility, following rules, showing integrity and reporting breaches: The Code of Conduct contains the minimum expectations of the Board of Directors and CEO vis-à-vis the managers and employees of Swisscom Ltd and its subsidiaries.

Articles of Incorporation

Our fundamental principles

The Articles of Incorporation define the purpose, capitalisation, structure, tasks and responsibilities of the governing bodies and are approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders. They were last revised by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of 7 April 2014.

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Organisational Regulations

We run our business according to these rules

The Organisational Regulations lay down the binding framework for the management of Swisscom Ltd and its subsidiaries and define the responsibilities of the individual organs in detail.