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AI for Customer Service

Improve your customer service with AI.

Powered by Swisscom & EPFL

Artificial Intelligence from Swisscom and EPFL will enable you to improve your customer service, whatever channels you use. You can help your staff and customers to find the best solution much more quickly and easily, increasing both customer satisfaction and productivity.

Benefits of AI in customer service

Optimize your customer service by making it easier and quicker to find the right solutions.

Higher satisfaction

Quicker and better solutions increase customer and staff satisfaction levels.

Shorter response times

Automatically direct queries to the right expert in order to shorten handling times.

Greater productivity

AI makes it easier to find solutions quickly by making accurate suggestions.

AI applications in customer service

Our applications are based on reusable AI components.

Automatic assignment

AI enables you to sort incoming, unstructured queries easily and to assign them automatically to the most suitable expert.


Automatically categorises content, such as e-mail content, for you.

Convert speech into text

AI enables you to automatically convert spoken queries into text, as well as to evaluate them further and process them.

Speech Recognizer

Converts spoken words and sentences into text for you.


Automatically recognizes the language in which queries are submitted.

Find solutions quickly

With AI, expertise from all information sources can be accessed extremely quickly thanks to continuous automatic indexing.


Indexes all solutions for you and makes them easy to search.

Best solution proposals

With AI, you can automatically suggest the best solutions to your customers and staff, and increase their accuracy with every query received.

Keyphrase Extractor

Identifies keywords (including their meaning) contained in queries.

Topic identification

Identifies the topics contained in queries.

Your own AI solution in three steps

The Swisscom competence centre for artificial intelligence will provide you with comprehensive assistance with developing and implementing your tailor-made AI solution for customer service.


We’ll help you to identify problems that can be solved using AI and advise you how to proceed.


We evaluate your existing data, choose the right AI enabler and develop the most suitable applications accordingly.


We help you to integrate AI into your systems, ensure that it runs smoothly, maintain it and develop it further.

All service channels benefit from AI

AI applications make sense for all service channels: in the shop, on the phone, e-mail, chat, social networks and corporate websites – AI can improve all service processes.

AI for staff

Help your experts in an increasingly complex product environment with smart routing and intelligent solution proposals.

AI in self-service

Support your customers in self-service channels with chatbots and virtual assistants that become cleverer with every query.

Current AI projects and stories

What our customers say.

“With the new AI solution, my average handling time has noticeably improved.”

Manuel Tschanz, call centre employee

Simple integration into existing systems

We can efficiently integrate your tailor-made AI solution into existing systems thanks to open interfaces.

Have you got any questions?

I’m here to help you and look forward to advising you in person.

David Rüfenacht
AI expert for customer service

Choose AI from Swisscom.

With an AI solution from Swisscom, you’ll benefit from exceptional know-how and outstanding quality.


Work with highly qualified advisers, data scientists and designers.


Benefit from Swisscom’s partnership with the EPFL’s AI Lab.


Your AI solution will be adapted to the realities of Swiss industries.


Your data will remain in Switzerland, stored in a secure, reliable infrastructure. 

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