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Andres Wanner

Andres Wanner, Digital Ideation Degree Course Director, Speaker at CX Day Swisscom

Andres Wanner

Digital Ideation Degree Course Director,
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Speaker at Customer Experience Day, 11 May 2017

"The experiment:
physics and prototyping."

A passion for experimenting is at the root of all new knowledge. Every test set-up not only answers questions, but leads to new unexpected hypotheses. Every demonstration changes how we see things and raises new questions. Answering them deepens our understanding and leads us step-by-step from the original concept to reality. Andres Wanner uses a physical experiment to provide the ‘Proof of Concept’ that prototyping has more to do with experimental physics that we previously thought.

Andres Wanner is Director of the Digital Ideation degree course at Lucerne University. A Physics graduate, artist and visual designer, he has been teaching and researching at universities in Switzerland and Canada for over ten years. Besides his academic background he also possesses many years’ experience as an interaction designer. His artistic works have been exhibited at major international art and technology festivals. He combines and plays with experimental approaches, drawing on his theoretical and practical experience.

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