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Henrico Dolfing

Henrico Dolfing, Founder of Data Solutions, speaker at CX Day Swisscom

Henrico Dolfing
Founder, Data Solutions

Speaker at Customer Experience Day, 27 October 2016

"Getting a little better every day."

Delivery is more important than all processes, frameworks, methods and tools. But it's not more important than the people involved in the project. Only the team knows what really works. So the team determines the success, not a book, a consultant or a manager. For every race, the team decides which activities from the backlog bring the greatest added value if they are pursued further. Too much guidance restricts any eagerness to experiment and stops you making mistakes, reducing your ability to learn. Quality is important from the first iteration. But it's not possible without technical excellence. Agility means small steps: getting a little better every day.

Henrico Dolfing's company Data Solutions advises companies in the financial sector on software projects. His expertise in software development and experience with agile processes and techniques allows him to rescue projects that are in critical phases on the verge of failure and lead them to success. Born in the Netherlands, one of the flattest countries in the world, Henrico spends all his spare time in the Swiss mountains enjoying alpine marathons, hill walking, downhill cycling, river rafting or leisurely hikes with his wife.