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Carmela Flury

Carmela Flury, Head of Physiotherapy, speaker at CX Day Swisscom

Carmela Flury

Head of Physiotherapy,
Lucerne Cantonal Hospital Wolhusen

Speaker at Customer Experience Day, 11 May 2017

"Prototyping on living subjects."

Physiotherapy has to deal with a host of unknown variables: every treatment has to be adjusted to the patient’s anatomical, pathophysiological and cognitive abilities. The client’s personal expectations, their daily, work and sport activities also have to be taken into account. Finally, you can choose between a variety of active and passive forms of treatment: manual therapy, functional exercise therapy, medical training therapy, physical activities and numerous other methods. The effects can vary from one person to the next. So every therapy works on the principle of testing, treating, testing. The most successful approach emerges from a continuous feedback loop. Communication between the therapist and client is thus of crucial importance.

Carmela Flury heads the 19-strong Wolhusen physiotherapy team at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, where she has worked as a physiotherapist since 2001 after a short period in private practice. She is currently developing a multidisciplinary therapy team for a new rehabilitation unit. In 2001 she was Swiss champion in discus throwing.

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