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Dirk Wierzbitzki

Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products & Marketing, at CX Day Swisscom

Dirk Wierzbitzki

Head of Products & Marketing,

Speaker at Customer Experience Day, 11 May 2017

"Actions speak louder than words."

When is a prototype a prototype? When it’s a mock-up, a layout, a storyboard or a scenario analysis? It doesn’t matter; a prototype can be almost anything. What matters is that it visualises the idea behind it all in a practical way. Forget about tools and methods. Developing Swisscom TV we learned to count on iterations, as many as possible, which means lots and lots of loops with prototypes, tests and feedback. So I ask product managers daily whether they have talked to customers. Not once. But again and again. Should we test? Sure, let’s test!

Dirk Wierzbizki, Head of Products & Marketing and Swisscom Group Executive Board member, has seen quite a few prototypes in his career and knows what it takes to make a winner. But it’s not just the prototype that matters - what we've learned also has to go into our decision-making. Dirk studied electrical engineering and began his career in 1990 in product management at Siemens. From 1994 onwards he held various managerial posts at Vodafone, initially as Head of Product Marketing, then in Product and Service Development and finally as Head of Division, Communication Services. In 2010 Dirk joined the Residential Customers Board at Swisscom, with responsibility for Customer Experience Design and for Fixed Network and TV from 2013.

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