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Femke Morf

Femke Morf, Product Manager, speaker at CX Day Swisscom

Femke Morf

Product Manager,
Betty Bossi

Speaker at Customer Experience Day, 11 May 2017

"In your dreams, nothing’s impossible."

Without dreams and imagination, ideas are nothing. But ideas you can’t realise remain the stuff of dreams. How do we find out whether our idea can be developed into a product? How do we ensure that the effort involved in the many development stages to the finished product pays off? How do we obtain a final product that is still inspired by the original idea and satisfies customer needs? The long road from idea to product is strewn with stumbling blocks and challenges that can only be mastered with perseverance and creativity.

As Product Manager Femke Morf has been developing attractive new kitchen and household aids at Betty Bossi since 2010. She is responsible for all stages from the idea, design, development and manufacture to selling. After studying ceramic design she trained as an industrial designer. She went on to gain experience in architecture, furniture design and as CI officer for the Swiss furniture manufacturer, Girsberger.

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