Residential Customers

In its Residential Customers segment, Swisscom offers mobile and fixed-line services under its own brand and other brands with a focus on modular bundled products.

Offers Residential Customers

Fixed-line telephony, broadband, TV, mobile

Swisscom’s inOne offers residential customers packages which they combine as they like. inOne mobile includes mobile flat rates for unlimited surfing, SMS and calls in all networks including roaming in more than 190 countries worldwide. inOne also includes blue TV, Switzerland’s most widespread cloud-based TV solution. And with symmetric bandwidths of up to 1 Gbit/s Swisscom's inOne fibre customers enjoy ultra-fast Internet. The fourth element of inOne is IP-based fixed network telephony. Not to mention extensive services and applications like the myCloud online storage facility.

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The network for Switzerland

The Swisscom network infrastructure is the foundation of digitisation in Switzerland. It is the basis and prerequisite for further technological and economic development. The network connects us globally and locally, allowing us all to benefit from the information society. Swisscom invests around CHF 1.6 billion annually in extending its network infrastructure.

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Service excellence

Our customers are served by 3,500 advisors. They deal with twelve million calls over our free hotline, reply to one and a half million e-mails and letters and serve six million customers in our shops. Customers manage their own personal data, subscriptions and bills in the digital customer center. In over 120 Swisscom Shops across Switzerland, customers have the opportunity to try out all products.

Outstanding service for residential customers

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Switzerland's No. 1

The total revenue generated in Switzerland's telecommunication market is estimated to be CHF 11 billion annually. We hold the leading position in the mobile telephony, broadband Internet and digital TV segments of the Swiss residential customer market. In mobile telephony we hold a market share of 55%, in broadband 50% and in TV 39%.

Key figures

Sound core business

Reporting is by “Residential Customers”, “Business Customers”, “Wholesale” and “Infrastructure & Support Functions” segments which are grouped under Swisscom Switzerland, as well as “Fastweb” and “Other operating segments”. Here are some key figures for Swisscom Switzerland and the Residential Customers segment in 2021.

Key figures for Swisscom Switzerland Residential Customers in CHF million, or as indicated
Net revenue 4,592
Segment earnings before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) 2,771
No. of full-time equivalent employees 2,875
Revenue after services in CHF million
Telecom services revenue 3,841
Merchandise revenue 547
Other revenue 127
Swisscom Switzerland operational data on the reporting in thousands
Fixed network telephony 1,424
Broadband retail 2,037
TV connections 1,592
Mobile telephony 6,177

Legal information

All figures valid as of 31/12/2021
Subject to modification without notice. Errors excepted
The printed version of the 2021 Annual Report is authoritative