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The Swisscom brand

Swisscom is one of the most famous and popular brands in Switzerland. It carries Switzerland and Swiss in its name. Part of the country’s history and identity, it strikes the balance between traditional values and a modern image like virtually no other brand.


Always on the move

Swisscom is a living company, whose business is always on the move. The same is true of the Swisscom brand, which is why a dynamic, three-dimensional design - the life form - is at the centre of our identity.


Quality rather than quantity

Swisscom’s image is that of a credible, trustworthy and reliable partner for residential and business customers. In the "Age of Less", we are concentrating our message rather than diversifying it.


Committed to Switzerland

Performance, creativity, sustainability and innovation are the values on which our success is based. That is why we support outstanding Swiss institutions in the fields of sport, culture and business with long-term partnerships.

Corporate Design

Our image

At the heart of our corporate design is the moving life form that characterises our logo. The life form symbolises the living relationship between our customers and our business. It expresses the fact that we are constantly endeavouring to strengthen and deepen this bond.