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Sponsorship application

Sponsorship applications

Our sponsorship policy

  • Swisscom focuses on bespoke partnerships that enhance the customer experience with our brand in an emotionally appealing environment.
  • Swisscom limits itself to a few key commitments, pursuing long-term, broad-spectrum partnerships as well as one-off, opportunity-driven collaborations.
  • Swisscom only supports national projects in Switzerland.
  • Swisscom does not support any extreme sports.
  • Swisscom does not support any religious activities, nor any political activities or parties.
  • Swisscom does not engage in individual sponsorships.

Our goods and services

  • Telephony & mobile communications
  • Terminal equipment (fixed-line and mobile)
  • Data communications/Internet (hotspots)
  • Video and audio transmission (e.g. streaming)
  • Voting and information systems
  • SMS and MMS services
  • Media centre
  • Screens & LED walls
  • Event and show trucks
  • Prizes (mobile phones, rented mobiles, advertising material)

Would you like Swisscom to support your cause? Take 15 to 30 minutes to complete the relevant form.

Sponsorship with audience appeal

Application for projects with audience and public appeal.

Small-scale sponsorship

Application for sponsorship worth up to CHF 5,000 for small projects.

Business sponsorship

Applications for business sponsorship projects.