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Environmental and social activities

As part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy, we have long-term partnerships in the areas of climate and environmental protection, sustainable living and working as well as social responsibility and media skill. The expertise and experience of the partners are a perfect supplement to our own efforts.

Solar Impulse

Making the impossible possible

Bertrand Piccard and his partner André Borschberg have built an aeroplane powered solely by solar energy. After successful tests – including one right across the USA – they want to fly round the Earth in 2015. Swisscom supports Solar Impulse as national telecoms partner.

Swiss Solidarity

Loyal partners for 60 years

A Swiss Solidarity national collection day is inconceivable without Swisscom: we provide more than 100 telephone lines at the six collection centres equipped by us, which deal with over 70,000 calls on a busy day. As well as offering free telephone infrastructure, we support the Swiss Solidarity website.

Energy and Climate Pioneers

Schools go green

The 'Energy and climate pioneers' initiative offers school classes from kindergarten to senior grade the opportunity to conduct their own climate protection projects. We launched the initiative together with Solar Impulse and the climate protection organisation myclimate. We believe it is important to show children and young people that they can be active themselves in order to make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Youth and Media

Promoting media literacy

The programme’s main objective is to promote safe, age-appropriate and responsible use of digital media by children and young people. It offers parents, teachers and specialists targeted information, support and advice on suitable ways of helping children and young people in this area. We have been a partner of the programme since it was launched.

Sponsoring requests

We are always keen to receive new ideas. Tell us about your suggestion for working together.

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WWF advice app

As a WWF partner, we support the footprint calculator and the WWF advice app.