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    Swisscom network, operated with 100% renewable energy.

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The network for Switzerland

The best network for Switzerland offers much more than just speed. It needs to be like Switzerland. Strongly linked to the needs of people. Sustainable and secure. And above all: always available anywhere in Switzerland. It must inspire everyone in Switzerland to make their ideas and dreams a reality everywhere and any time. That is what we strive for every day. For a modern Switzerland with an excited approach to the future. For you.

Network quality

Switzerland already has a world-class ICT infrastructure.


The Swisscom network is one of the fastest in Europe, as verified by Akamai for the fixed network and connect and CHIP magazines for the mobile network. According to the OECD survey, Switzerland has one of the best telecommunications infrastructures in the world. Swisscom's substantial investments have played a vital role in this achievement.


The Swisscom network is highly reliable with outages and interference a rarity. That's partly due to its sophisticated and redundant structure but also to its proven technology, perfectly organised operations and dedicated employees.


More than 150 specialists work day and night to ensure a secure network. They take care of information security, data protection and secure operations. Many customers from sensitive sectors such as banking, health and security rely on the Swisscom network.


The Swisscom network is fully powered by renewable domestic energy. We cool our data centres with fresh air rather than air conditioning. We require our suppliers to meet social standards.

Network expansion

More broadband for the whole of Switzerland

In the past few years, Swisscom has invested around 1.6 billion Swiss francs in network expansion. We modernise our fixed network in more than 300 communities each year, including at least 30 rural communities. By the end of 2021 Swisscom aims to modernise the broadband fixed network in all Swiss communities. We are continually optimising our mobile network too, renovating or installing 200 – 300 mobile communication masts each year. This investment provides more than 100,000 jobs in Switzerland.

Lausanne VD

Up to 300 Mbit/s with 4G+/LTE advanced 

Buchegg SO

World premièred with more than 500 Mbit/s in tests

Lohn GR

Ultra-fast broadband for 46 inhabitants at 1585 m above sea level.


Network importance

The arteries of the digital society.

Until the mid 90s, the network was mainly used for voice communication, which is what is was built for. Today, it is virtually impossible to think of any area in which the network doesn't play a vital role. Here are just a few examples of the importance of the ICT infrastructure in the networked Switzerland.








Innovations to improve the network even further

Technological innovations have always ensured top performance in the Swisscom network. We continually track the developments and test new applications at early stages so we can roll them out as quickly as possible when they are ready to market.

Up to 500 Mbit/s on copper:

Mobile surfing up to 3 Gbit/s


We support the research and reduction of possible risks from high-frequency electromagnetic emissions in mobile communications.

Network status

Find all the information on current faults and service work on the Swisscom network here.

Network neutrality

We are committed to an open Internet: We have pledged this by signing a corresponding code of conduct.


We are one of Switzerland's most sustainable companies. Find out about our ecological, social and community goals.