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Modernisation of the mobile network

Goodbye 2G –
hello 5G

As technology advances and accelerates, the expectations of our customers grow. That is why we continue to invest in improving our network. In so doing, we sometimes have to part with technologies that have become outdated. By the end of 2020, we will therefore be replacing the old second mobile generation, 2G, with more modern technologies such as 5G. This document covers the most important information about the planned phase-out.

Everything you need to know about 2G switch off.

From May 2019, we will be contacting all customers still using an old 2G mobile phone to inform them of the impending switch off. We will help to make sure that it is as straightforward as possible to switch to a new device. Did we contact you by letter or SMS? Give us a call or visit us in a Swisscom Shop.

What is happening and when?

By the end of 2020 it will no longer be possible to use 2G devices on the Swisscom network.

What should I do?

Check whether your device is affected and replace it in good time.

Can Swisscom help?

Swisscom will be happy to help you find a replacement. Give us a call or visit us in store.

2G check for your mobile

To check whether your device is affected by the planned changeover from 2G, simply send an SMS quoting 2G to 444.

Donate your old mobile phone to children in need.

The evolution of mobile communications

Over the last 30 years, the pace of mobile communications technology development has continued to accelerate. Even today, hitherto undreamed-of applications have already become a reality. And now that 5G has arrived, we find ourselves at the dawn of a genuine revolution.

0 – 40,000 PB/month

  Video          Social networks         Audio         Surfing         Updates         Data communication         Other

Videos, movies, TV, photos, music: Each and every one of us is using increasingly data-hungry applications. The consequence is an ever-increasing volume of data in the mobile network. PB: 1 petabyte is equivalent to 1,000,000 gigabytes or a data volume of one million movies. Source: Ericsson Mobility Report

2 -12 PB/month

  2G          3G          4G          5G

The latest mobile phone generations transfer significantly more data than older generations such as 2G. PB: 1 petabyte is equivalent to 1,000,000 gigabytes or a data volume of one million movies. Source: Swisscom

  2G          3G          4G          4G+ 300 Mbits/s        4G+ 450 Mbit/s        4G+ 700 Mbits/s

Coverage by the latest mobile generations is evolving at an incredibly fast rate. PB: 1 petabyte is equivalent to 1,000,000 gigabytes or a data volume of one million movies. Source: Swisscom

Mobile technologies are constantly evolving. Over time, each generation has benefited from huge improvements.

Ask our experts

Beat Döös, 2G phase-out program manager and member of the IT, Network and Infrastructure division management at Swisscom, answers your questions on mobile network modernisation.

How can I check if I am affected by the 2G repurposing?

When exactly is 2G going to be switched off?

When will 3G be repurposed?

What should I do if 2G repurposing affects me?

What will happen if I do nothing?


Do you have any questions about 2G switch off? Send your question to Beat Döös now, and he will reply personally.