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Just imagine not being disturbed at dinner any more by advertising calls, your daughter in Australia sounding as if she was next door when she calls you on the fixed network, and your business partner thinking you are in the office when you call him with your fixed network number while enjoying a sailing trip. More than 90% of Swisscom customers already enjoy these and many more benefits since switching to All IP (all over Internet Protocol). Future possibilities are unlimited, too, because IP is the basis for digitisation and the standard language worldwide for sending data, images, films, music and voice messages. By the end of 2017 almost all Swisscom residential customers and the majority of business customers in Switzerland will have switched to All IP. And the rest will follow; beginning 2018 the first communities and regions will be changed completely to All IP, thus spearheading the switch to IP in Switzerland.

Complete changeover
region by region

As Switzerland’s first communities to go completely All IP, as of February 2018 Aarberg, Nyon, Uster plus neighbouring communities and Zurich Unter- and Oberstrass will enjoy the many benefits of the new IP technology. They will be followed by the four major regions of Solothurn/Biel/Jura, Schaffhausen/Winterthur/Frauenfeld, Balsthal/Olten/regions of Aargau/Oberaargau and Rapperswil/Jona/Glarus.

Why All IP

Many important benefits

The switch to All IP is taking place around the world and means that fixed networks, TV, mobile telephony and the Internet, as well as all the services linked to them, will communicate universally, in a common language, via Internet Protocol (IP). The sooner you switch, the more key benefits you will enjoy.


With All IP you can communicate and work without restrictions on any device, anywhere, any time.


All IP simplifies communication and collaboration and reduces the complexity of voice and data services.


All IP enables new service models that optimise investment and operating costs while improving transparency.

Managing the switch

We will support you in switching to All IP

We can give residential customers one-to-one advice about how to switch their fixed network telephones to IP. It is usually just a case of connecting the telephone cable with the new router that we provide. We recommend that small and medium sized enterprises use the switch to check their communications infrastructure and exploit the potential for All IP as effectively as possible. Our All IP experts are available to provide further information to any business customers.

Important issues

What do I need to think about when I switch?

As well as your conventional fixed-line telephone, the switch to IP affects many other applications that communicate via the traditional fixed network connection. You can find out more about switching specialist applications to IP here.

All IP publications

Current professional articles,
brochures and fact sheets

Conversion to IP in the media: current articles in the trade press, new brochures, fact sheets and further publications on the subject.


The “Swisscom ready” vision

Arriving soon mid 2017: Swisscom is launching “Swisscom ready”, the ever-ready Swisscom access to Internet, TV and telephony. When you move you enjoy uninterrupted access to all services with “Swisscom ready”. Simply take your router with you and everything works as usual. Thanks to All IP a vision becomes reality with “Swisscom ready”.  

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