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Switching to IP fax

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Switching fax machines to IP

In general, fax machines can still be used after switching to IP telephony. Analogue fax machines can be connected directly to the router, just like fixed-line telephones. The number of digital solutions, such as fax services over e-mail, are also increasing. As of 2018 the old telephony infrastructure will come to an end regionally. Customers who have not yet switched to an IP product by then will be helped to do so by Swisscom.

Frequently asked questions

As an owner, what must I do?

In general, you will still be able to use your analogue fax machine after switching to IP. With IP, you need to connect your fax machine to the analogue telephone adapter (ATA) on the router, just like fixed-line telephones.

As a business customer, what must I do?

As a business customer with the new SME package (My SME Office), you will still be able to use analogue and ISDN fax machines. However, we cannot guarantee smooth operation of the fax service in all cases. We would therefore recommend that you switch to an IP solution. Your customer account manager will be happy to provide further assistance.

How reliable is fax transmission with IP?

Faxes and other modulated services in the voice transmission bandwidth do not have the same level of reliability in the IP environment. However, we are unable to comment on individual cases since various factors can significantly influence transmission quality, such as the type of device, device settings and type of device connection to the IP network at the transmitter and receiver.

What alternatives are there?

We assume that analogue communication services will disappear from the market in the medium to short term. We would therefore recommend that you switch to an IP solution. This includes sending and receiving faxes using PC or e-mail solutions. Combox pro is also an alternative for sending and receiving fax documents.

As a Swisscom Enterprise business customer, what must I do?

Sending and receiving faxes via IP is vulnerable to faults. Documents may not be completely rendered or the transfer itself may break down entirely due to technological reasons. At international transfer level especially, you need to anticipate increasing difficulties. We therefore recommend switching to a new solution for transmitting business-critical data.

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