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Lift telephones

All IP know how

Switching lift phone systems

Lift phones that transmit emergency calls over the traditional fixed network are affected by the switch to IP. Most lines were switched to IP by the end of 2017. At the beginning of 2018, the full migration of customer lines to IP began across Switzerland to help drive the phasing out of the old infrastructure in those areas. Customers who did not migrate to an IP product then should do so as quickly as possible. Swisscom will provide them with support. We advise lift manufacturers on mobile telephony products or alternatives specially designed for the lift sector.

Frequently asked questions

As an owner, what must I do?

Contact your maintenance agreement provider or the lift manufacturer as soon as possible. They will take the necessary steps to ensure the reliable operation of your lift phone system.

As an owner, what must I do?

Please contact your lift service provider to switch to mobile communication. Alternatively, you can order the IP fixed network solution with fail-safe guarantee on 0800 055 055.

What does Swisscom recommend?

New lift systems are now directly equipped with mobile solutions. Existing analogue lift phones benefit from conversion to mobile solutions, so the lift service provider becomes the customer’s sole point of contact for their lift system. If customers prefer not to go mobile, they can continue to run their analogue emergency device on the IP fixed network by switching to the Swisscom Line basic/company product with the fail-safe guarantee option.

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As a lift manufacturer, what must I do?

Swisscom offers lift manufacturers of all sizes various M2M solution versions. Lift manufacturers can also include the IP fixed network product with fail-safe guarantee option in their portfolios.

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What will the switch cost?

Switching to a mobile solution: Let the lift service provider offer you a conversion. If you do so, one-off conversion costs will be due. The telecommunication costs are then billed via the lift service agreement and are usually lower than before.

Conversion to an IP fixed network solution: One-off charge for installation (CHF 240) and USP (battery for router, CHF 89). The telecommunication costs remain unchanged. Customers can additionally protect themselves against system failure for CHF 5 monthly.

How high is network availability?

According to several major lift manufacturers’ analyses, mobile (GSM/UMTS) coverage is practically universal (approx. 99.9%). Coverage by 4G/LTE currently stands at 99%. Depending on the building infrastructure or location installation of the mobile module, an external antenna can be used to improve reception. In the case of lift locations with no mobile network, less than 1‰, customers can continue to run their emergency devices on the IP fixed network with the fail-safe guarantee option.


Switching special applications to IP

Lift phones, alarm systems, fire alarms: all major, and often life-saving special applications which are affected by the switch to All IP. Unlike fixed network connections, we cannot provide customers with direct support because the contracts for these applications are concluded with the respective providers and not with us. Find out more in our video.

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