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Read more about the switch to All IP: articles in professional and public media, brochures and fact sheets with lots of interesting information on the topic.


Media Call, 8 November 2017

«Modernste Regionen der Schweiz» - dank der vollständigen Umstellung auf All IP

Bereits über 80% der Swisscom Kunden profitieren von All IP. Ab 2018 werden schrittweise ganze Regionen vollständig umgestellt. Swisscom begleitet alle noch verbleibenden Kunden bei der Umstellung: Jeder Kunde wird persönlich kontaktiert und individuell beraten.

Sunday press, 23 October 2017

Offener Brief von CEO Urs Schaeppi zur Umstellung auf IP

In einem langen, offenen Brief wendet sich der CEO der Swisscom, Urs Schaeppi, Ende Oktober in der Sonntagspresse an die Schweizer Bevölkerung. Er geht auf die Geschichte der über 140 Jahre alten Festnetztechnologie ein und zeigt auf, warum der Wechsel auf IP für die Zukunft der Schweiz von elementarer Bedeutung ist.

Frequently asked questions, October 2017 

Frequently asked questions about All IP

In the future, the telephone signal will use the same technology as the Internet. The switch, although scarcely noticeable, brings customers considerable benefits. Like the Callfilter for advertising calls, for instance. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our customers.

Media Breakfast, 27 April 2017 

Starting 2018, full region-wise transition to IP

In 2018 full transition to IP will be launched in the first four major regions: Solothurn/Biel/Jura, Schaffhausen/Winterthur/Frauenfeld, Balsthal/Olten/Aargau and Rapperswil/Jona/Glarus. At the Media Breakfast on 27 April Swisscom provided detailed information on current progress and the upcoming road map.

Fact sheets

Fact sheet, March 2018

Fact sheet on switching lift telephones to IP

2018: complete switch of landline-based telephony to IP region by region
With All IP, Swisscom is providing the technical basis for the digitization of Switzerland as a business location and thus for its customers to remain competitive.

Fact sheet, March 2018

Fact sheet for alarm systems

The world of IP technology also has a number of solutions for alarm systems. Take steps today to ensure that your system will run safely over IP in future.

Fact sheet, March 2018

Municipalities switch to All IP

Municipalities undertake a broad range of communication tasks, making their demands with respect to their communication infrastructure numerous and wide-ranging. Municipalities therefore need to pay particular attention when approaching the topic of switching to All IP.